Types of edible wild mushrooms

types of edible wild mushrooms
One might think that the only mushrooms edible are the white ones, called button available in the market. However this is not the case. For all the mushroom lovers, there is a good news- there are some species of wild mushrooms that are edible and may add flavor and color to your dishes. Some edible wild mushrooms are listed below:
-Morel: It does not look pretty. It resembles a dead honey comb but they taste great and are pretty expensive. They go good with butter.
-Chanterelles: They look beautiful in their golden color and flower shape. They are good for toppings and go good with egg. They last more days in the fridge than other mushrooms and are fruity in flavor.
-Oyster Mushroom: Look alike of brown flowers that give sweet flavor when cooked. They can be easily cultivated making them an affordable variety.
-Western Giant Puffballs: Seem like a big white football. They are best to eat when the flesh inside is white in color.
-Chicken of the woods: This type is a collection of wrinkled shelves stacked over each other.Their color ranges from yellow to orange adding color to your scrumptious meals.
There are many other types that are edible and are available in colors you might not have thought about. However it is very important to be aware of the species that is poisonous and may harm your system. The edible types have certain features that make them human-friendly.